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Standard A4 Edible Wafer Paper

Min Shelf Life At Manufacture: 365

This is our standard edible wafer paper - great for baking and printing where you donƒ??t want your printed edible paper to be too thick.

We are sure you will be using this product just as soon as you purchase it but if you do want to keep it for some time please keep it in its original unopened packaging at a temperature below 25¶øC. Do not store in the product in the open air or near any sources of moisture or heat. This is a product manufactured from natural food ingredients and will keep best if stored at a relative humidity between 60-75%.

This product is crafted from a quality NATURAL edible wafer paper, approximately 0.35mm thick. We only use wafer paper that is sourced and manufactured within the EU. Our wafer paper is made from three simple, natural, ingredients, potato starch, water and palm oil. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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